inclusions 1.3.9

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Stone floors cement, stone floors of cement inlaid with mosaic

Carreaux ciment, carreaux de ciment incrustés de mosaïque

Dominique Langlois                                    "tiles",                  carrelages

   Ceramist and Mosaiste, installed in Deauville, I present you in these few pages a sample of my creations, "mosaic" inclusions of metal, glass or pebbles, a collection named inclusions 1.3.9

Principle : on cement stone floor 20 x 20 cm, a central square of 6 cm aside creates the inclusion area which receives three geometries, 1 - 3 or 9 details, cut from four materials (Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Mirror) sealed in a grey or red colored cement oxide of iron.

This collection is created on stone floor cement products from the company    

" Couleurs et Matières "

4 Colours of stone floor for the supports of inclusion



    Anthracite, grey, iron red and khaki

2 thorough colours of inclusion 6  x 6 cms (exchange)

    Red oxide of iron, and grey

3 geometries of inclusion

    1 - 3 or 9 cut details

4 materials of inclusion 

    Aluminium  Brass  Copper  Mirror

21 colours of plain stone floor

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